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I suffer from really bad health anxiety along with GAD, I was just wondering if anyone had been experiencing anything similar...I sometimes go through phases of feeling faint/weak with what feel like dizzy sensations in my head, what I can only describe as waves of dizziness (really hard to explain!) I feel like I get this mostly (not always) in places that are busy such as train stations/shopping centres. But I also feel like these sensations can sometimes come out of the blue when I'm not even feeling anxious. When this happens I panic as I begin to convince myself that there is something wrong with my head for example, which the panic then leads to other strange sensations, I sometimes wonder whether it is anxiety that can cause all these weird feelings? I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?

Thanks :) x

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Hi Alice7x

I've been experiencing just exactly the same as what you have been! But the bits we're going out and getting these "sensations" has lead me to have agoraphobia! (we're you don't/will not go out) as I am just to scared to fall to floor or something bad happens!

I have to say it's not a very good experience as it does half really scare you!! It's like your constantly drunk or walking on sponge! It's really horrible. And it's like it's never ending!

Totally feel your pain as I to suffer with health anxiety! Just wish there was something out there that was just so simple to put a massive stop to it all and we'd just live a normal happy life again!

All the best on getting better 😘 X

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Hi Kayleigh,

Thanks for replying it always helps knowing your not alone with these kind of feelings! I hope your doing ok! I feel the exact same way sometimes, like the feeling on being drunk! I wish that too but hopefully these symptoms will stop 😔 just want to feel normal!

Thank you and you too! X x


I've been feeling almost the exact same way. Bouts of dizziness and lightheaded. Then I get a rush of panic. I'm currently wearing a heart monitor bc I fear it's heart related. But wearing the heart monitor is causing me more stress


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