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Leaky Gut and Anxiety

Hi All,

I met with my new pastor and his wife yesterday (I recently joined a new church) and mentioned that I was going through an anxiety episode. The wife suggested I look into leaky gut and try ProBio5 from Plexus. She has had several friends try it and found that their anxiety was eased with it.

Has anyone here had any experience with leaky gut and anxiety? I would prefer to try a supplement before switching my anti-anxiety meds (currently on 40mg of generic Celexa).


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Sounds interesting. I'm curious as well 🙂 I've seen it in my chiropractors office


All I can say is YES! It seems to be responsible for so many health problems we blame ourselves for.,, have a read about gluten intolerance etc. You may have a long road of keeping food diaries and strict diets but so worth it! Yes to the probiotics too. I make my own kefir ( which I had never heard of before. Good luck!


Thanks. I've read that a lot of things are caused by an unhealthy gut. Hoping this might explain at least the severity of my anxiety.


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