Hey guys! I wrote a post a few days ago and I got so much support! So I thought I'd talk about something else.

So my anxiety isn't that bad most of the time, but I have bad depersonalisation (at least I think). It's like I'm not myself and I fear I'm gonna forget who I am or lose who I am. And it's an awful cycle because the fear fuels the anxiety which then causes the DP. I really don't like feeling disconnected. Anybody have any experience or tips about it ? No scary stories or anything please haha


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  • I have been dealing with depersonalization/ derealization for over 3 months. I really don't have any tips. That's the scariest symptom ever. I was actually complaining about it on a post yesterday. I keep reading recovery stories for hope. I see a holistic doctor next month and I'll share whatever she tells me or recommends.

  • Okay thank you for the reply! It's really annoying and yeah it is the worst symptom of anxiety!! Wish you well in recovery!

  • Keeping busy is key but I know it's almost impossible. I still force myself to do it. You can take yoga and meditation. I also take supplements. Lavender tea, aroma therapy, exercise and lots of socializing. I read some many recovery stories and these are some of the things they mentioned. I have tried them and I'm not cured but it does distract the brain somewhat

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