I hate living with anxiety disorder I feel like I'm be like this forever 😔 When I hear disorder I feel like I would never be back to normal I don't want live anymore I'm very suicidal suicidal but only reason I'm here cause my dad I lost my sister 3 years ago my dad goes through depression I don't want him do anything to himself if I kill my self. . I think about my future a lot now death is one of my fears. I feel like I can't have kid cause I'm labor I would stop breathing I think a lot I hate it. . Everyday I feel hopeless I would never get better . Everyday is something wrong with me i can never just be normal for one day.


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9 Replies

  • If you are having suicidal thought then you should seek profesional help. They can give you something for the thought that can help. I am not really down for medication if is needed why not. It will make you feel better.

  • I'm same way with medication I'm scared take it 😔

  • Don't be scared your doctor know your results...ima b honest I'm not a type of person who like to take pills either but if it help me to slow down I will take them if your not sure look them up on pill identifier. Com...

  • You probably just have to try the right one for you. Everyone has different reactions to medications. Like Zoloft... wasn't good for me but other people love it. You just have to try and don't give up. Ask your doctor to do a GeneSight test to see what medication would work best for you.

  • Hello sincerelyNina don't ever think about killing yourself thats the devil trying to get to you he won't u to think like that... Remember you are God child in God will not put nothing on you that u can't not ber....u will get better in time it just take time in patience trust me I going threw axiety n depression myself an start crying because all I want to do is get back normal again..I have three children ages 3,6,7 that I got to live for so they are the reason that I'm fighting in trying to stay strong for them...so think of your dad that way just be strong for him you all he got in I pretty sure if something was to happen to God forbid he will probably wouldn't be the same. So try to stay positive do positive things, like workout eat the right food, read the Bible, go shopping. Do whatever that will keep you happy.. Hope this help

  • Thanks so much I don't know I'm why I'm feeling like this I feel like I'm lonely have no Where to escape I feel trapped I just want this past be happy again.

  • We both are feeling the same way...we just got to push ourselves n hopefully it will get better

  • Just makes me sad I'm young I can't do anything people my age do 😔 Makes me so depressed how I got be home just feel okay.

  • U got to push yourself because if you don't things can get worser

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