weird thoughts about existence

I hate that this depersonalization/derealization gives me these weird thoughts about existence and makes me freak out which makes this unreal feeling worse. I am hoping this nightmare ends soon. It's really hell. I have good days but like I said fighting my brain. Always on edge because this unreality feeling is a pain. I am really working hard at ignore but trust me it's not peaches and cream. The ones that have experience this hell will understand.


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  • I completely can relate and I hate it. I got on meds temporarily and it helped alot. Nowadays Im trying to find natural remedies such as supplements and an excersize regime to cope.

  • I am trying to go the natural way too. I have an apointment with a holistic doctor in June. Right now I am on Amitriptyline but it's such a low dose that is only helping to sleep.... sometimes.

  • What medication worked for you? I tried Zoloft and that was a fail.

  • Lexapro. Worked well but I gained alot of weight while on it.

  • Sucks when I start thinking back and realize that I haven't been happy or myself for over 3 months. Just terrible.

  • I get it everyday feeling as somebody controlling me I hug my dad so tight for it to go away 😔

  • So sorry. I feel you pain. Are you taking anything?

  • No 😔 I deal with it on my own which is probably makes me go crazy.

  • Yes it's miserable. I just try to breathe and accept it. It's so exhausting...

  • It's so mentally exhausting! 3 months of this hell. I just don't know how I'm going to be normal after this. NIGHTMARE!!!!

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