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Cadiophobia how do i overcome it?

I suffer from anxety and panic attacks im 17 and i live healthy i go to gym and dont eat junk food.But recently i had arythmia and and low blood presure i started to read what can cause it and i freaked out was thinking i was having hearth failure and its been 2 days and i cant sleep when im in bed every second i expect to get hearth attack i have periods like that wich anxety overtakes me.But this time its been the worst.The thing is i know its from my anxety but i cant make my self belive it before i was able to but not this time.I made an apointment to go check my blood and i keep telling my mom to make an apointemt for cardiologist but she keeps telling me its from my mind.

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Hi draganov11, the chances of a 17y.o going into heart failure are pretty slim. The fact that you work out and don't eat junk food are all to your benefit. I would make sure that you are hydrating enough both after the gym as well as through the day. It is important and you will see the results in less arrhythmia and better blood pressure readings. x


Arythmia is a common symptom of anxiety and low blood pressure is not a problem unless it causes symptoms. As Agora1 says, low blood pressure can be caused by not drinking enough water so drink a few extra glasses a day even if you don't feel thirsty. Just as your hair doesn't start to turn grey at 17 neither do people of your age have heart attacks, you'll have to wait at least 40 years before you need worry about that.

Dragonov11, ask yourself what stress or worry has caused your anxiety and panic attacks. Instead of directing your energy into illnesses you don't have, why not spend that energy solving the causes of the stress or worry in your life that are causing your anxiety? Maybe talk the problem over with your mom or another family member or someone you can trust. You know deep down this is anxiety so accept that's what it is and give thanks that it isn't a heart problem and that you could well live to be 90,vpossibly even 100.


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