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Is It Possible ?

Hey Yall,

I haven't been on here as much lately. Mostly, because I've been able to control my anxiety a lot better than I did when it first affected me.

But I do have a question, is it possible I feel the pains of anxiety when im not having an attack ? I've been feeling various "electric shock" type of sensations in my chest, and left armpit, off & on for 2 days now. I would usually just assume it's my anxiety, but im not exactly having my normal panic attack that goes with it, mild or severe.

Is it normal to be feeling anciety sensations without having an attack ?

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Ehy there :) I just got diagnosed with GAD 2 weeks ago. I have the same sensation, like hot flashes I guess? It starts on my chest then all over my body, and I got no attacks during that time, sometimes it triggers my attack because of that weird feeling. Well when I consulted my doctor, she said I got GAD then she gave me meds, then I became relax then the hot sensation went off. Well I can say, the hot flashes was due to my severe anxiety attack. IDK, hope it helps :)


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