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From good to bad

So I started the day good, felt fine, rode to the supermarket with headphones on, come home and start cleaning then all of a sudden I feel really sick, it only lasts for a few seconds but then I start getting pains in my head and feel not quite right. This sets off my anxiety which I think has been returning over the last couple of weeks. I start thinking I have a brain tumour. I'm now in bed crying because I feel so sad. I know sometimes hormones have a part to play with how I feel but because I have the coil I can't tell when I'm having a period. 😭

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Did you recently get the coil? That could be it, hormone are crazy. It could be pms symptoms totally possible.

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Not recently no I've had it since October.

Fell asleep for an hour only to wake up experiencing extreme fear 😭 this is so powerful.




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