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I wanted to wish you mommys a Happy Mother's Day! I know it's tomorrow but we always celebrate a day before to beat the crowds. I just came back from dinner and I actually used my ignore power to block this brain. I must say I am on high alert. The sounds, lights, people were driving me crazy but I just kept ignoring. I ate way too much and it was delish. I hope everyone is having a good day!


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  • Keep ignoring and as the time goes by it should get easier

  • I was hoping as time goes by it would disappear forever 😒

  • It might not go away for ever and that's okay. You are definitely not alone on this there's a lot of us out there. I think what's working for me today is just accepting the fact that we have this condition and try to move forward.

  • I actually need it to go away forever......

  • Happy mother's day. I'm sitting here in a food coma after a long lunch with my sister and all our kids. Prawns, salads, pavlova and crusty breads. Yum. 5pm in australia now so got to take my 4 doggies for a walk/waddle! 12 year old daughter offered to make dinner when we come back but i cant imagine eating for ages!!! Think I'll have a long bath with a glass of wine and read a book! 😂😂

  • Happy Mother's Day!! That meal sounds delicious! Yumm! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  • Happy mums day to you! I'm glad you had a meal out, it's lovely to make precious memories with family, it is difficult for us, so even more precious. Have a wonderful day today, hope you can relax a little.


    It's not mums day here in England, but I too always do my best to go for a meal with family when it is 🌺

  • Happy Mother's Day!

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