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What Matters?

Everything we are or do does it really have a meaning? All the anxiety, worrying, stressing does the emotional experiences really matter? We complain everyday because life is pain we all live under a cursed world. In the end we have to learn to live by pain? I'm just pushing myself everyday to what's my purpose or the worlds? We all fade memories fade until we get forgotten. Why do we try to hide pain?

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Hi Wxyz4, I've been pondering your post since I saw it. I'd like to attempt my thoughts on it. Everything we are or do does have a meaning. We each are put in this world to contribute. Our choice is whether it's good or bad. None of us may ever know the impact we have made on someone's life, but we are here for a reason.

As for the anxiety, worrying and stressing, our emotional experiences really matter. It matters in how we put our life together. Just as if a dressmaker cut the pattern wrong, the pieces won't fit. Our emotional experiences is that pattern that was laid out for us when young. Whether good or bad, it is our choice to adjust the pattern pieces and customize them to the exact fit for ourselves.

No one ever said life was easy, there are no guarantees. Life comes with it's own pain, it is up to us to create joy. (taken from Learning to Dance in the Rain by BJ Gallagher) If we look for the clouds we will find them but the sun is shining, the rainbows are there. Embrace the good days and not the bad.

Our purpose in life is to grow in who we are, to learn, to love, to pass it forward hopefully in a better way than we were given. I don't believe that memories of people are ever forgotten but held close in the minds and hearts of those we touched. I don't think we try to hide pain as much as we try to spread joy to others. Life is truly a gift that is meant to pass forward.


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