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If this is not bad enough

So after 26 years and 15 years of marriage my wife walks out on me she says she can't take anymore I no I've not been there for her in the last 2 years but I'm been suffering from anxiety and depression so I've taking medication 40mg citiolpram which I think as been the way I've been feeling so this illness has distroyed my marriage just don't know what to do so thanks anxiety

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Oh so sorry. is just do we keep going I sometimes wonder. ...are you getting some support? I really hope you are....thinking of you ...keep posting. ...

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I am so so sorry. Could you talk to her about how you feel? Though she may need space. Trying to deal with it all. Have you counseling? I would asap. Try to breathe. One minute at a time. We do not really know the future. I'm sorry. It's scary. Phone the Samaritans if you need to etc. Small steps.


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