Crying spells

I been having a lot of crying spells lately. Today I was fighting off crying all day in public. I have enough problems with this derealization stuff that I sure don't need any more issues. I am wondering if is the Amitrypline... any one have any idea? It's good to have emotions back since I was like a zombie a few weeks ago but these crying spells are getting out of control.


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  • How many crying spells have you actually had? I know I had a period of time when I was adjusting to another medication when this happened...but it passed within several weeks.

    Sometimes now, when depression hits, I wish I would cry just to let off some of the pressure.

  • Last week and this week. Today was hard to fight off the crying. I don't get it. Almost feels like my brain got depressed or something. I am very new to anxiety and depression. The first time I experience some depression was when this nightmare started and I was fighting off panic attacks and my doctor told me that the brain automatically when on depression mode with all the panic signals that were being sent. So I honestly don't know if my brain sent me again on depression or this is the medication. It's been a month on the medication so I don't know what to think. Says it takes 2 to 4 weeks to this old medication to start working so I just don't know anymore

  • Guess your physician hasn't called you back yet. It's 8:30 p.m. here, so maybe there is still time left for her to call. Have you called her a second time? Since this is something new (crying spells), she needs to know.

    Please call again now. Its not a life critical matter,but definitely not something you can live a normal life with.

    Sometimes I have brain "farts". Can't remember if you have a separate therapist you can call about this for advise until you each your doctor.

    Hang in there Magnolia.

  • She just called right now and told me to up the dose to 20mg. I knew that was going to happen. She said let's give it a week and see if not discontinue and pick another one from the list. I feel like a lab rat

  • What? What did she mean "pick another one from the list"? What list, do you have list? Are you on an HMO or PPO insurance plan? When you google the name of your current medication, what does it say it is for?

    Well, at least you have a doctor who actually does call back. If you have enough meds to increase your dosage, you may want to keep a daily diary to make notes on how you are feeling and at what time....and what you are eating at what time, so you have it when you talk to her again.

    Yes, feeling like a lab rat? Oh, but what a lovely lab rat. Its try a med, adjust the med, change the med and adjust the dose, go to therapy. Been there, done that. It is what it is. Our brains and bodies are so complicated and complex. I really think our doctors try the best they can, but one med for all just doesn't exist.

    Maybe would be easier to find an effective treatment if we had cancer. (That's my dark humor coming out.)

    I will be on ship for a week starting Sunday. The wifi isn't always reliable, particularly if the ship docks where other ships are.

    Really want to see how you are doing during next week, and I will do my best to check with you.

  • Oh yes we have a list of medications that could work for me since I did a GeneSight test. When I google this medication I see that it's a very old medicine and that it was used for pretty much everything... all kinds of issues including pain, migraines, muscle.. I mean you name it

  • Oh, med fits all things Hate hearing that. Educate me. Not familiar with GeneSight test. What are some of the other meds on your magic list?

  • GeneSight is a test they perform to see what medication would work best for you. Since Zoloft didn't work she had this test done so we won't be switching medications randomly. There were a lot of medications on that list and the one I am on was one of them but obviously not working. They were a bunch of new medications on that list and I remember Prozac also being on that list but I don't know the names of the others

  • Prozac has been around forever. Was even a book years ago Prozac Nation. as it was prescribed so frequently. My sister in law has been on it for years. She's hyper and has depression. She is so hyper you could eat off her floor from the cleaning....wish she would just stop by more often...I have a great mop and bucket and a constantly dirty kitchen floor. lol

    Was Cymbalta or welbuton(sp?) on that list? I have small doses of these two together in a.m. for depression.

    I take the generic form of Xanax (alprazolam) also upon waking and in the evening an hour or so before going to bed for anxiety and nightmares.. Taking 1 mg of it kicks in on an empty stomach quickly before the damn anxiety had me pacing. Found I need to keep a consistent dose in me 24 hours a day. But if I don't take it or think I don't need it and don't take it, its absence caused a seizure.

  • Was the GeneSight conducted AFTER she dianosed you? What was the exact mental health issue or diagnosis the GeneSight suppose to use as a filter to determine what meds were best for your situation?

  • It uses genetic. So it goes by my genes. It was after she diagnosed me with anxiety/panic and was done after Zoloft wasn't working. There's 3 colums. 1 the medicine that would work. 2 can take but with caution and 3 stay away. Zoloft was on colum 2. So that's probably why it didn't work for me. But then again this amitriptyline was on colum one and doesn't seem like it is working

  • OK, diagnosis of depersonalization was not used a filter. Plain old anxiety/panic was what she was looking for...nothing for depression?

    Check and see if generic forms of Xanax and Cymbalta appear for anxiety and depression.

    Have to go to bed Going on midnight. Have a better day tomorrow.

  • She did say that my derealization was caused by anxiety. She keeps calling it a phenomenal from anxiety/ panic. Xanax was on that list too and I hate it. Took it twice and made me feel horrible in the morning so never took it again. When I first met her 3 months ago I was depressed because of everything that was going on. The Zoloft got rid of that and my foggy brain and weird life thought.

  • HopingCat, you did yourself a favor by giving Xanax a try but then dropping it. It works for some maybe a little too good and then they find themselves dependent on them. I had a heck of a time getting off it.

  • I have heard some horror stories. I just wish there was a better way to get out of this

  • I'm glad you wrote back because I don't want you to think I am against all meds BUT there's a time and a place that medication is needed. It's not the full answer but along with therapy it can offer some respite so that we can go forward.

    What happened to me was that I was left on Xanax for 30 years (a small dose) but however small I became dependent. Since Xanax is one of the fastest acting Benzo, nothing else worked after that and I had to wean myself off everything.. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I'd do it again in a minute. The rewards were great.

  • Are you feeling better? I get it.. I was totally against medication. I have never taken any not even for headaches. And then now I am so desperate to get better for my family and myself that I am willing to try but it's hard because i HATE IT.

  • Today I had crying spells . Thinking of my angel mother and my anxiety condition . 😔

  • So sorry about your mom.

    Anxiety just sucks bad.

  • Ok, you are taking medication for depression that agrees with you. But you think the medication for anxiety/panic is not working. You want to rule out Alprazolam (Xanax). due to a past bad experience.

    Do you see anything on the medication list for anxiety that you are familiar with?

    Xanax has been effective for me, but I see the prescribing neuropsychiatrist every month for evaluation and therapy. Somedays I just don't need the Xanax, but will need to be eliminated carefully. When I thought I didn't need it for two days, I had a seizure. So I agree, Xanax has to be handled very carefully, and with consistent frequent visits with my doctor.

  • I am not taking anything for depression. Zoloft took that way and I came off it. The only medication I am on is amitriptyline. I should go see a neurologist

  • Why a neurologist? When my anxiety began, he referred me to a psychiatrist.

  • To see if they can figure out why my brain wants to keep me in dream land

  • Don't think any medical equipment s going to find anything, but would be expensive, MRI, EEG, CAT scan, etc. They can find brain bleeds, growths, fractures, etc. Check your meds and so on....but really think you'll be recommended to see a psychiatrist. Particularly f you are really open and explain what has been going on with you and what medical care you have already been receiving.

  • I see a psychiatrist. She is the one that gives me medication. This is hard stuff. Ugh I been functioning well today. I just wish to be back to reality 100 percent

  • I know you have a psychiatrist, and unless a neurologist does something like an eeg and finds something there, you'd end up being referred back to the psychiatrist.

    Yes, you want to 100 per cent. It's been such a battle for you. Being teased by those few happy, almost euphoric (sp?) days, then taking a step back. Remember those good days. You'll get back there again. It's the day to day, one day at a time business that gets so old.

  • You were doing so good what happen :( HopingCat

  • It's like a rollercoaster. Up and down

  • How I feeling today

  • How you feel today

  • I feel just ok so far

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