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Hello I'm new! Anyone else in or near southport

Hi all! I'm 30, mum to my 3 children and I have a lovely fiancé got engaged couple weeks ago :) i work partime.

Moved back southport fresh start from my violent ex. Rebuilding my life now but still not happy with my weight and I really want to loose some.

I have anxiety so struggling to try go to a weight loss group in my area. Hoping to meet others in or near southport area and make friends with others who understand how bad anxietys can get :( also I'm trying to get fitter

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Sorry no one as welcomed you as yet but as more come on I am sure they will :-)

We are from all over the UK as well as lots of other Countries to but the one ting we have in common is anxiety and knowing just how it feels to suffer whether we are going trough it now or have done in the past we can relate which really does help to know you are not alone :-)

Seems like life was not treating you very good at one stage but so pleased you have a loving partner now as well as child and Congratulations on your engagement :-) Lets hope by the time you wedding draws near you are anxiety free :-)

As well as the more you share with how your anxiety is affecting you and what treatments or help you are getting so members will be able to give feedback and hopefully it will help there are all different kinds of Communities on Health Unlocked and you can be a member of more than one :-)

You mentioned your weight and not been able to join any where at the moment , well there is an NHS Weight Loss Community on Health Unlocked that you can join for free and you don't ave to leave your house either :-/

I will pop you the link on that will take you straight to the Community so you can have a look :-)

Take Care x


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