withdrawal :(

so on week 2: cross tapered from mirtazapine 45mg to go on prozac 20mg week one was OK not too bad week 2 was hellish! Had a meltdown but only lasted a couple or hours

felt good Saturday so went out to the sisters for a family roast felt normal for the 1st time in weeks! So still on a high went to meet my sister at the pub for drinks a few hot flashes and loads of reassurance I did start to relax was lovely!

next morning: omg!! Thought I was dying not even kidding palpitations hot flushes nausea shakes! Vomiting and severe panic attacks I was in hell! Took diazepam helped a bit plooded through the day close to giving up!

my boy is my rock he spent time with me as he knew I was in a bad place

trying to be positive is hard when you are not coping well at all.

really intrusive thoughts are back now and I didn't sleep at all last night a few hours max felt like I lay there awake and just existing

hot sweats are horrible

so withdrawing from the mirtazipine

but today my does of prozac goes up from 20mg to 40mg I hope I feel some relief soon waiting on a referral to the mental heath team to speak to a psychiatrist

but can take months

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