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Slow heart rate?

Been feeling pretty good the last week or so! But the past couple of days the heart rate fears/ concerns have been creeping in (pretty rapidly) and there's one in particular that I'm REALLY struggling with today which is my resting pulse! 😩

55-62 Bpm seems to be the kind of average that I'm measuring using a monitor (and yes I know that's never a good idea) and even though it's been like that before (like, on and off for over a year from what I know), it's kind of freaking me out! I'd understand if I was an incredibly active person, but since my problems started, my activity levels have plummeted and besides going out for a bit once or twice a week etc. I don't really do any exercise as it makes me feel like sh*t! I'm 5' 10" and around 239 lbs, which is quite a way off of "in shape" for a male my height aged 21, so I really don't see how my resting rate can be so low?

Does anyone else seem to have this, and do you see any correlation to anxiety/ stress or other symptoms? Bare in mind when I'm up and about it's around 90-100 which I'm fine with and doing something sat down (playing guitar, keyboard, video games etc.) it's usually 70s so it only seems to be low when I'm like barely moving at all. Any reassurance and/ or advice would be ace! 😎 Cheers x

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First don't worry! In general the lower the rest heart rate the more fit you are! Some drugs can do it too like propranolol.

I used to go hiking every week until my back gave me trouble in the last year, going up any hill I came to FAST - ahead of anyone else I happened to be with! Heart rate up to 130 bpm. (my record was 140 bpm climbing fast up a volcano in New Zealand. It erupted shortly afterwards too!)

When I was on propranolol for tremor I acquired a BP gauge which lives by my chair in the lounge. I try this every day or two out of habit (because its there!) The gauge keeps a log of the readings.

Glancing at mine now over the last few months it varied between 51 and 68 bpm at rest with average about 64.

You can tell an athlete because his rest HR is very low. Bigger heart, less HR for same amount of blood.

By the way I am 74.


My heart rate is just like yours when I'm going through a rough patch. I think it's because we're not very active when anxiety flairs it's ugly head. You'd think it would be just the opposite because of being more sedentary so I can understand why it makes us wonder what's up. I mentioned it to my doctor and he didn't seem at all concerned about it.


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