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Hello Everyone :-)

I was just wondering how many of you have looked at all the different Communities on Health Unlocked :-)

There are several Anxiety Communities even though not half as busy as this one which could be one reason Anxiety Support is so popular :-)

Living with Anxiety is another Community on Health Unlocked that is there to share and ask for Support with Anxiety , seems like it was once quite active even though not so much now , I pop on everyday as there are posts on there that get unanswered but if anyone is looking for somewhere to ask and offer support where it is less active and a much smaller Community have a look and maybe together we could help to restore it a little as well as continuing to support Anxiety Support to :-)

I will pop the link on that will take you straight to the Community if you want to have a look :-)

Hope everyone has the best weekend they can :-)

Take Care x

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