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Muscle weakness and pins and needless


It all started 5 days ago with my hands a little numb after that the second day my legs started to feel weak/numb idk,i walked like 10 minutes and my legs felt like i run a marathon,on that day the pins and needless started,doctor started me on b1,b6 and b12 supplements,but no improvement and because of that i i asked for blood tests even though they cost me a lot but i was really stressed because my symptoms were getting worse because now i have the muscle weakness in my hands as well,it it seems my symptoms progress trough the day,in the morning they are tolerable but get worse as the day progress,today i took the blood test and spend all day with my gf after that and surprise my symptoms were not that severe just a few pins and needles on some positions of the hands and just a bit of muscle weakness etc.Then i got home and i started to feel my symptoms a bit more but it all gotten worse when i read about guillain barre syndrome(GBS) because i have a lot of those symptoms and had a viral infection 4 weaks ago and they got very bad,both my triceps muscle are hurting real bad

My question,can stress/anxiety cause all this symptoms? did somebody else had this symptoms,idk what to do anymore,i was in a bit of stress because im in my last year of university but i had stress in the past with other things but never with this symptoms

P.S sorry for my grammar if its bad but english is not my first language

Thank you

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You have to give the supplements time to work, they don't always kick in straight away.


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