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I feel very calm weird feeling

I was dealing with some stress and depression but I feel very calm and I dont know why. I dont take anything at all. Also I usually have high BP because of anxiety but yesterday went to the doctors and it was normal BP and I feel pretty calm. I just dont understand how I could go from being so anxious to feeling so calm. But im still getting some symptoms of anxiety like hot flashes and stuff. Anyone experience this before?

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Adamj, count your blessings that you are feeling so calm. It's interesting in that most people would just take that feeling for granted. Once you have had anxiety, even being calm raises awareness that it's a different feeling. Enjoy the calm you feel and do all the things you wanted to but were unable to do now that you have a little reprieve.

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Maybe you have turned a corner with your anxiety, lap it up and enjoy it, maybe this will happen more often for you so go and enjoy it, don't feel weird about it just enjoy it.


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