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Not the same man

Hi I am 38 and had anxiety and panic attacks for 2 years now and today its bin hard snapped at my wife and kids but I don't mean to cuz that are the one's how r there for me I just fleet like I done no who I an eneymore I an not the same man or dad and husband and I hate being this way I just whot my life back I cart sand this no more and cart do it no more

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it's always good to seek help. Don't be embarrass about discussing your situation with a profesional. I rushed to a phycologist and psychiatrist right away when this nightmare started. More for them. They do need us.

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So what happened two years' ago that started all this. Something has triggered this and it clearly hasn't been resolved.

I'm told that panic/anxiety is one of the easiest mental health problems to treat but it takes work. A good psychologist will be able to help you using CBT. Get the medical treatment you need for the sake of your family. Believe me when I say there IS hope.

Best wishes

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