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Panicking about back pain!!!

Hi guys, any anxiety sufferers out there ever experience shoulder blade pain?

I've been paid breathing for the last few days, lack of sleep due to being uncomfortable and generally quite stressed.

I've been experiencing dull but constant pain in the lower part of my right shoulder blade and it's starting to bother me a bit.

My partner massages me but it's only short term relief. It's probably nothing but I just wanted to ask if anyone else has ever had it.

And I know for certain I've not pulled it, I've had it on and off for a couple weeks now and I've tried different mattresses and pillows etc.

Thankyou in advance 🌸

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Anxiety will give you a lot of pain in your back from top to the bottom of your back u get it all the time I have a hot bath in lavender oil give it a go hope you feel better

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Hi, do you get this constantly, only I'm getting it everyday and it's waking me up early hours and I'm so uncomfortable I can not sleep x


i get it all the time and it has woke me up at 2am and 3&4 am


Gheez, not good is it. I have s muscle relaxant from the doctor now and some strong pain killers. I'll be completely out of it for a few days but at least it might help with the pain!


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