So much trouble accepting I'm ok

Ok so I've had left & right arm, shoulder, neck, head, and chest pains for over a week. went doctors she said it's 99% sure muscular. Wasn't too long ago I got my heart checked and was all ok. But today I started to get chest pains and burping (it's probably reflux I'm on tablets for it) but I'm terrified now. My right shoulder is killing me so much and my arms going numb and they hurt each time I move them. It's beyond a joke now. Is it anxiety?? Do I have something wrong with me? I can't live like this anymore


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  • I got the A ok from my PCP and a cardiologist just a month ago. Stress echo test, 48 hour holter monitor, blood work up, and multiple ecg's. Everything came back fine and normal!! I was feeling GREAT for 2-3 weeks with no symptoms what so ever. Well starting this Sunday I have been waking up to what I call "missed beats". They're very uncomfortable and very scary, even though I have experienced them over the years and they come and go. I have had these feelings/sensations since Sunday and I am still not 100% on accepting them. I am trying my best too and they have not caused a full blown panic attack. But they are not pleasant! I try to remind myself that what I am experiencing is uncomfortable but it is not dangerous. Best of luck too you, but it's out anxiety acting up and giving us hell!

  • It seems after a few weeks we just go back to worrying

  • Yes but we must break the cycle one way or another! Because living like this is no real way to live. And we're strong enough to break the cycle!

  • I've felt the same, back and chest pain and tension headaches.

    Freaking me right out I hate it :-(

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