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Hi everyone... Not sure what I expect from this I suppose just to see if anyone ever feels the same or if it's just me and I'm a funny sod !

I've noticed that when I feel low or out of place in a group be it friends, colleagues or even family I start distancing my self .. And feel like I don't fit in with anyone.. So I become quite grumpy and just generally unhappy .. Maybe it's just how I'm am lately! Thanks all .

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Ok, "Grumpy". Some days, or weeks, I have to mentally prepare myself to be around friends or my husband's clientele, and if I'm feeling the blues or just don't have the energy to be engaged with someone else other than my dog, it's hard to push through it. Sometimes I think my dog even feels that way. lol.

Is there something, in particular, causing the blues or grumpiness at the moment?

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