hello my lovely's!

so im day 10 on the fluoxetine 20mg and day 3 without mirtazapine 45mg..

feeling OK no withdrawal just yet but early days

so wanting to be more positive but im struggling to be honest.

had a complete meltdown in asda Tuesday thought I was going to flake out so I walked out then got really angry at myself that I forced myself to go back in.. That didn't work I felt awful so had to walk out again.. Think the security guard thought I was some kind of terrorist nut job!

so I went for a walk last night its hard not having a partner to go out with so doing it solo I didn't put any pressure on myself and it worked I walked felt good and also popped into the local shop. So progress

just I know I over think everything my brain is constantly busy just hoping I plough through the next few weeks and can return to work because these sickness benefits are a joke!! £146 every 2 weeks and 70 weekly my bills are 80 a week!! Without food and rent!!

anyway just looking to vent! And let you know that I am going to push through this blip a day at a time!


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  • Never mind aye !! I day will come when it will all be behind ya you're just working your way to that day. I've walked out of loads of shops because of anxiety but I just hang around the exit till it dies down and I've had a word with myself.

    The stress of having a limited income won't be helping either !!

    Hopefully the pills start working and ya get back to work soon :-)

  • cheers yes its definitely hard to live on but hey I have survived worse x

  • Well there ya go.

    Justsay one thing. When I was at the height of my anxiety and I was on the sick and had too much time on my hands, instead of my life being nothing but negativety I went and did a degree. What ever you do for a living, while you're on the sick do something positive and find something to achieve, even if it's just a free online course. They're plenty of them.

  • Hey friend am also in prozoac and for two weeks now its not working things are worsening feel unreal going from one hospital to another HV left with no option all I do the whole day is to fight with my brain bad thoughts am fighting to live .anxiety you are such a bitch!

  • it can take a while to kick in.. anything has got to be better than the mirtazapine I was taking for 7 years it hasn't been working for a long time so hoping things are going to get aload better for me. Going to hospital? What for? Anxiety symptoms?

  • You seem to be on the right tracks, maybe going out for a walk more often is a good things to do. Keep yourself busy, don't give your anxiety the chance to kick in.

    It will all be fine eventually, you will see. ☺

  • yes gonna get out at least once a day! I have good and bad days but need to stay social as possible hard when you are skint tho x

  • Walking costs nothing, but I know what you mean.

    Does chatting on here help you?

  • I mean going to a bar etc or shopping

    yes sometimes it does just hate being out of work need something to keep me busy and pay my bills as that's another worry I don't need x

  • Proper socialising, yes it's hard to do when you havent much cash alright.

    I find that I does too but sometimes I find it does the opposite too, maybe being o here to much can be a bit of a bad thing, what do you think?

  • I think it has good and bad benefits I don't read the bad to be fair we all feel the same I don't need to know the things that don't work you have to think positive towards the things that do! Nobody here is alone in feeling like crap we all have in our journey with anxiety! X

  • You are right, you don't need to read the bad things, the positives are what matter, the more tips the better.

    I'm only in from work and I feel good after it, I think we need to keep the mind busy by doing lots of things.

  • 100% im not going to play no victim anymore I need to try these meds if they don't work try something new onwards and upwards x

  • I never used meds for mine I always thought they just cloaked it but never stopped it. I don't really suffer from it these days, I started to do a lot of things like drawing, photography and I have always exercised but got into it more. I looked into foods that help such as bananas amongst others and now I am more or less happy all of the time.

  • This month have seen 4 therapists same answer where do I hide now to stop this feeling am stuck.

  • go to your Gp try some different medication x

  • Www.clinical-depression.co.uk

  • Do pills ever work for anyone long term? If the problem is no money then only action can help, bereavement then after grief counselling what's the point of medicating for life and relationship breakdown or loss of job then how do pills sort out our everyday problems? I have come off Flux and onto Mirt but my problems haven't changed and realise 15 years later that I have been on medication and my mindset and ability to be excited is so blunted when I need a lift that the slow demise into depression starts all over again. These pills have incredible short term benefits but they say you should not be on them for years so a crutch that gives us the feeling of doing something. The elephant is still in the room - what is the problem you need to solve to feel secure again? My rant is over...as must face my real problems before it gets me before the pills.

  • Try this site Www.clinical-depression.co.uk it is really helpful....dep and anx go together xx

  • Thank you. I have tried short cuts using Tony Robbins talks and not 100% sure I am on the right path, so this is a blessing.

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