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My experience

The 1st time I experienced numbness on left side and tingling on my fingers I didn't know what was going on, I wasn't sure that I was experiencing anxiety symptoms. Long before that I would have very obsessive thoughts, like I would wake up and all I would think of is that particular thing, and it drove insane, I just didn't understand, and some days I just could get up from bed if I did I would feel so dead, but I kept telling myself it's just me. My boyfriend who now is my fience left and I was alone a lot, was taking 6 classes and was also working, and one night I was hanging out with friends and all of the sudden I just started to feel so scared, I thtoght I would die... I would look at friends face and I would see disfigur... I got scared and got a lyft and went home, I was also smoking weed a lot, the funny thing I was such a "goody too shoes" I never tried it but ones I did I liked that I was able to just relax which has also been difficult for me, any ways a very long story short. I experienced what felt like hell, but in my mind, I thought everything I had prayed insainstly for, I was going to lose, I started getting so scared to walk out, but today 7 months later of changing my life through the Grace of God I'm getting better everyday... I'm not where I was ones, but I'm so grateful to God for allowing me to wake each morning with a few battles to fight... trusting in God has helped me a lot and allowing him to break these chains of the world off of me each and everyday. I have not gone to the Dr. But I've allowed my Heavenly Father to lead me. I do hope I can be of some help

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