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Hey Everyone

So I'm not sure what's happening right now. I'm feeling so anxious right now. I just noticed that I'm not having any discomfort and if this makes since, it's scaring me. Also I had a v8 energy drink earlier without thinking and also some dark chocolate a little while ago. I think I had too much caffeine or something but I feel so crazy omg. My heart is beating and I feel like I can't breathe.

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As an anxiety sufferer caffeine has to be the first thing to go. Are the effects wearing off, you feeling okay?


Yes, they're going away now. I try to stay away from caffeine, I didn't realize the caffeine levels were so high until I started feeling weird and looked up on Google. Never again! Lol


I have a bad habit of eating chocolate at night. I know better, and everytime I do it I can't sleep.


Yeap I'm just up lol but I do finally feel sleepy.


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