Morning all!

Morning all!

How is everyone doing today? I'm trying to keep busy all day. I am on my morning walk again and hoping for a good day. I think I'm coming down with a cold or something. My throat feels funny. Is it weird that I'm kinda happy about that? Makes me feel somewhat human again.... well I know I'm human but makes me feel like my brain is finally connecting to my body!! I know just like the headache, remember? 🤦🏽‍♀️ If you ever dealt with depersonalization/ derealization you will understand. Anyways, Happy Wednesday!!! Flowers from my walk...🌺🌸🌷🌷🌹


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  • Good morning! I had an emotional and anxiety-ridden morning but am feeling better now. That's good that you feel like they are connecting now, that's a great feeling! Haha I totally understand that too, so don't feel weird! Lol I think it's because physical illnesses (like a cold or headache) force us to focus on physical things (our body and health) instead of mental or non-physical things, so it helps our dr/dp! Pretty flowers ;)

  • Oh yes! You are right!!! It does help us focus on something other than that evilness. I'm glad you feel better. Any plans for today?

  • Yeah! And nothing too exciting, just a few normal things... work, then going home (can't wait to go home, it's my relaxing/comforting place with my boyfriend haha), yoga, spending some time outside, making some overnight oats for tomorrow, etc. :)

  • Loving all your beautiful photos from your walks this week. Think you might be the only adult happy about coming down with a cold. 😊 But I understand.

    I'm okay.... not horrible, but not good. Wish the pain in my back would stop, so I'd stop freaking out about it. Pretty sure I pulled something or did something to it like 2 months ago.... & keep messing it up. Hard not to think it's something serious. It's been beautiful here in California... feels like summer already. Get to wear the cute clothes 👗🌞 At least I can be happy about that. Hope you have an awesome day.... can't wait for more photos.

  • I am in Cali too and it's been super hot my way. I like it! Are you going to the doctor for that back pain? Maybe try taking a bath with that salt... I forgot the name of it yikes.. I'll tell you when I google it 🤦🏽‍♀️ I have my days that I start looking forward to things and then there's days like today that kinda suck. I'm praying I don't panic. Wish me luck

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