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Years ago someone said to me that maybe stopping fighting anxiety and accepting it would be beneficial. ... I thought they were mad!! Accept something I hated??? Madness. Years down the line I was to learn that this wasn't such a bad idea. It didn't mean I had to accept that feeling horrendous was normal but it helped me it see it as a part of me. Seeing as I was working on self-love I was able to start applying compassion to my distress and my feelings on panic. This helped hugely with positive visualisations etc.

Although my name is anxietyfree there are times when my instinctive reaction is anxiety but unlike before I calm down quickly. New patterns of thought take time to become instinctive and becoming your own hero takes practice. Its all good😀

Helpful books - 'I ❤me 'by David Hamilton and 'Loveability' by Robert Holden

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Acceptance is very powerful like a weight lifting off you and getting hope back again. X


I keep reading this. It it's so hard to accept on days like today. I kinda of feel like crap. I feel dizzy which adds to the Dp/Dr. haven't felt this dizzy off feeling for days. Who knows what has changed. Also feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something. I just emailed a holistic doctor to see if she sees me. Maybe a more natural way will help. Also hard to accept that this is anxiety. This weird unreal feeling. I do get hard tho. I'll just have to keep trying



Firstly know that you are not alone. So many people feel as you do....heck during one episode I called the doc everyday for a month....i was convinced I had something physical that would explain my unhappiness. Well anxiety IS as much physical as emotional and psychological.....everything works together. How do you relax? What are you practicing that enables relaxation? Relaxation is a skill and although anxiety will tell you otherwise you Can learn this. is a helpful program that covers many aspects that can ease anxiety.

Blessings x


Yoga, medication, exercise

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