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Constant Nauseous Feeling?

So I've experienced a lot of anxiety, but not quite like this. Most of the time when I'm nervous I get a nauseous feeling, it's like butterflies. But does anyone have a nauseous feel all of the time? Even when you don't think you're nervous? I have a HUGE fear of throwing up and I feel like I'm going to all of the time which causes major anxiety for no reason. Does anyone else have this?

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When I'm anxious I'm sick, I throw up and honestly it's exhausting


I have this. Constant nausea that won't go away. This is only my second time in life having anziety like this. Hard to think function. Feel like I am trapped in another body. This is not me. So sick. Meds make me sicker.


When I'm anxious or have an anxiety attack my throat gets dry, I feel light headed all those fun things. I almost feel unnormal.


You're okay!

What's happening is that the same thought is going around in your head. You can't stop your brain from thinking about something and it Feds on itself.

Meditation will help you train your brain. Listen to guided meditation on your phone using earplugs. Really practice this and you won't have to suffer. You will be just fine, be calm and meditate. This is not forever, learn to help yourself because no one else can.


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