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Need some comforting and positive words!

I try to remain positive. And I try everything I can to distract myself from the negative thoughts I have. After I had my daughter (2 yrs ago) I had a bad bout of post partum OCD harmful thoughts. Everyday I felt like I was going to harm her and it terrified me. Well after having a panic attack this last Saturday (4days ago) those intrusive thoughts are coming back. I know I will never act on them but still they terrify me. I love my daughter more than anything. Maybe it's time I start my therapy back up.

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Are you on any medication? My sister went through the same thing after having her daughter. She got put on Zoloft and she said it helped her through that time


I tried Zoloft and after a year it made me have suicidal thoughts. When I stopped it, I hated the affects it had. I'm not willing to try others as they scare the hell out of me.


I totally understand that


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