Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

It's taco Tuesday today yay! That's exciting, right?🌮 Haaa I hope everyone is having a good day today. I'm on my morning walk and hopefully I have a good day. I don't want to be a whiny baby about my bad days. The more I entertain my brain the better. I guess the key is to keep busy ALL day.

Avocados from my walk. I wish I could pick them for tacos!!! But they have cameras 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣


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  • Avocados are full of Magnesium woman !! :-) enjoy your day !!

  • Really!? Omg I eat tons of avocado!!!!! How have you been? I was wondering about you yesterday. You been quite! That's sometimes good news, right?

  • Hey I'm good thanks !!.

    Yeah a break is good :-)

    I do photography so I've been doing a little of that around the countryside.

    I've bought a new Magnesium, one invented by MIT, yes that's right MIT. It's called Magtein, is a Magnesium that's gets in the brain and makes it supercharged, haven't tried it yet waiting for the right time.

    Did you get your other Magnesium yet, the 100mg dosage ?. How you getting on with your Magnesium anyway ??.

  • I haven't gotten it yet. I still drink the same one. I been good but lately I been on edge. It sucks. And awesome that you are keeping entertained. I just drink that 400mg a day. What if I lower the dose and go back to being on full time hell. I'm pretty scared. Right now my body is pumping so much anxiety and vibrations. It sucks bad

  • Well you're not getting 400mg like we said, probs about 133mg a day, not that good.

    You need to do some kind of meditation or deep relaxation from a YouTube video to relieve yourself till you get the other. I know it's corny and hippy but if it helps you, do it.

    Why are you scared, you won't go to a lower dose you'll be getting more with the other glycinate.

  • I know you explained this to me but my brain is insane. I will probably get them tomorrow

  • I love that you walk every morning! Trying to be more like you 😉

    Got a mini walk in at the park and Ferb and I picked up litter around my apartment. Feels good to take care of things and take pride in it. Got TONS of personal and work errands done but now I will be late to work. It's hard for me to stop when I'm on a roll! So now I will not have a great day at work like I hoped... It's like I have to pick one or the other. Be a good wife/pet owner or be a good employee...ugh!

    Anyway, happy Tuesday to you. I hope it is absolutely wonderful!

  • I know it's tough but you got this! You have to find some type of balance. Have a good day!! Thinking positive. Say I'm going to have a good day at work today regardless!!! Ugh sometimes I should take my own advice.... think positive is one thing I need to do all the time!

  • It's Taco Tuesday where I'm at too lol. I wish we had avocado growing on trees out here lol.

  • Where are you?

  • Connecticut

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