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Gratitude and positivity

Gratitude.... Not the type where you should /ought/must feel but the type that emits from within like joy, is really great for changing thought patterns. At my worst I struggled to find anything to be joyful about.....yes I had a wonderful daughter,loving family, God's love (apparently) but they were all the 'shoulds'. The first one i found was realising i was thirsty.....sounds daft but i realised my body was able to tell me this with no prompting from me.....also I could do something about it,which I did. This gave me about five mins of joy amongst all the horror I felt. Needless to say I have built on this over the last few years and whenever i experience a moment of joy/gratitude I savor it. I am blessed in many ways and am now able to truly thank God/Universe, whoever, for every blessing. There is no ought ir should because I feel it from within.


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Thank you for this post!! Very inspiring.

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Hi Anxietyfree

I agree 100%. I'm greatful towards God.

Many people including guys like Tony Robinson and Garyvee have special techniques or rituals that they use to keep themselves grateful.

I am grateful just to be alive after being born with an CHD and then AFIB.

Janco Vorster

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