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My Imagination is out of whack...( irrational Thoughts)

The thing is with me is that with the mind I have, I can't even watch certain movies, especially scary movies. The main problem with me is that think on top of thinking and then overthink about a certain idea or thought, now that I've watched a Thriller Movie that thought I could handle a Year Ago has come back to bite me really hard, and I'm still thinking about it. Like what if that has actually happened to me and there's no way out. I know it was just a movie, but my thoughts keep saying what if, or that it actually has happened. I watched another movie shortly afterwards but I felt something come up in my stomach a sharp butterfly feeling after having a certain thought that what happened in the movie is going to happen to me, or that it really has already happened to me. The thing is, is that I went to sleep afterwards with this thought on my mind, as I was trying to sleep I kept telling myself that it wasn't real. It was just a movie. But my stomach felt so weird and weak. I was scared to death that went to go sleep on the couch in the living room. It didn't help so I went back to my bed. Telling myself everything is ok. Then I finally went to sleep...But woke up terrified...

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Hello. Sounds as though your anxiety is really acting out. Not certain really how to explain the issue about watching scary, violent or horror movies and TV programs. In my situation, I am doing well, but as part of my therapy education is rather simple. Avoid stimulation that can foster anxiety.

I do not watch these type of movies or TV shows as I know they will trigger my PTSD which link to my fear of not having control.

Sometimes, if a film such as an intense sci-fi is on the TV, I'll only watch it in the daytime. Sometimes I'll watch first with no sound, a second time with sound but not watch the visual. By the third time I usually able to watch the film or program with both sound and picture.

It must be a very popular or quality film for me to go through that, but I know I won't go to sleep and experience a nightmare about it. Or be scared of it later if I think about it.

This my way of desensitizing myself from these type of movies and TV programs. Maybe it sounds a bit silly to some, but it works for me and helps to keep my anxiety/PTSD medications on a low dosage.

Hope this is of some help to you.


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I'm just glad, that someone could relate to my situation, it's so silly and yet so scary. I'll be sure to try out your method as well.


It's not silly at all. It is important that you realize it is important to the way your brain and it's creativity work. Bet you are the "soft touch" person that hides emotions at times, because we are adults and everyone else handles movies. The desensitization scenario I outlined for me, is based on a technique the US uses on wound warriors coming back from the Middle East who are diagnosed with PTSD, along with practicing mentally how they would like their nightmares to end or change. I'm fortunate to have a neuropsychiatrist familiar with these non-rx techniques.

Don't discount yourself. :)


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