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I'm a 16 year old girl looking for some advice,for about a year now I have feared I have anxiety and it's just getting worse I always feel alone even though I have a lot of people around me I feel everyone is going to leave,every time I'm going somewhere I get heart palpartations and feel worried,I nierly always feel sick and drained is this just me being stupid? Or do I need to go see a doctor

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We all get anxiety at some time. If it is getting worse then you should speak to someone about it. Maybe your parents first, then school counsellor, look up anxiety management techniques etc. A doctor is near the end of the options, after you have tried self help


I agree with Goldie11 100%. My anxiety first started when I was a senior in High School at 17. Definitely tell your parents first, go see your pcp to rule out any other conditions that can cause anxiety related symptoms. Or maybe your parents will have better advice than we can give. But let them know because I'm sure they care and would like to know!

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