my god we used to pull together as a community helping each other out but it seems we all come on here when we are at our lowest!!

we need to show some positivity our success stories when we are having good days and feeling great!!

seeing the same old posts of symptoms or anxiety and panic attacks!!

you will feel all sorts of crap! Heart palpitations tightening of chest throat you will feel like you are going to flake out! And go sweaty and clammy and you know what?? Just breathe!!! Its not going to kill you!!

so please tell me some positive stories and what helps we need to be more positive

and help each other feel like there's light at the end not OMG I feel like that too!


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  • I'm sure most people have things in their lives that they really enjoy doing, if they do them more often then it helps big time with anxiety. Some people seem to dwell to much on the negatives instead of exploring the positives and building on them.

    If some people don't have any good things happening in their lives they need to go find new things to do or achieve, life is about learning, doing and enjoying it! Keeping the mind off of the negative things by filling it with joy and achievement.

    There are loads of things out there for people to do and if they take the first step and go try them out then they might surprise themselves and realise that doing even a simple thing can take the mind away from the negative stuff.

    I keep myself busy these days, gym, art, photography amongst other things and I don't feel anxious these days at all.

    Keep yourselves busy, fill your lives with things to do and you will see a significant difference relating to your anxiety.

  • yes couldn't agree more

    don't get me wrong I do come on here for advice I do relapse and need support but positive feedback makes me feel alot better as im not alone and I know things will get better

    im stuck indoors at the moment having changing my medication is keeping me from working at the moment as I feel like crap but I need some good stories to keep me feeling like I will feel better x

  • Do you do anything while stuck indoors to keep you occupied?

  • I clean!! And cook well I love to bake! And potter about im hoping to be back to work asap x

  • Good that you keep busy, I bake sometimes too it's very enjoyable. You can't beat going out to work though, people knock it but it's great to be able to do it. ☺

  • yes defo! I loved my job just hope I can do it again had a panic attack at work which knocked my confidence so hoping its just a biip x

  • I hope it works out for you, I bet that it will.

    You come across as very positive and that's a great thing.

    This is a good thread that you have started.

  • Alot of people come here when ill and forget about it when they feel better. What helps me loads is Magnesium, I love the stuff.

  • im very interested in hearing how it has helped you?

    im on mirtazipine 45 and fluoxitine 20mg but want to not be dependant on theses anymore x

  • My GP wanted to stick me on an anti depressant but I said no. So I researched and found that Magnesium defiency can cause alot if symptoms of anxiety and depression along with a lot of physical complaints, fluttering heart beats, cramps etc. I bought some Magnesium glycinate which is for anxiety and depression and took it, best thing I ever did. My anxiety died ofd over time but it's there a little now. My depression goes the second I take Magnesium, I'm just not down and don't think about it.

    Depends on your medication if you can take it, ask your GP next visit. Hopefully he/she is not ignorant about it. Do some research on anxiety and depression with Magnesium glycinate. You'll see for yourself !.

  • I can vouch for the magnesium powsy, I didn't get on with Mirtazapine myself, I feel great!!! Thank you Davewavy :-p

  • Thank you for this post. When I am having a good day and I post about it, I almost feel like I'm bragging... but it does give others hope, right?

    Also, I try to post a goal page every day where people can come share their goals and encourage each other to accomplish them. Come join if you wish :)

  • post away!! I love hearing about good days it gives us all hope x

  • Well, I had a couple of great days this week! Got up and moving and didn't let the excuses build up in my head. Actually, it was due to friends here on this site that I was able to push myself to be my best. Keep looking for the positive. Let me know how your day goes today.

  • I have made some changes in my life and I am feeling totally different. I have been feeding my depression and anxiety without realising the impact it has had x

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