amitriptyline.. does anyone take this!!!?

Does anyone take amitriptyline for anxiety/panic attacks? I been taking 10mg for 2 weeks and a half and I don't know if is really helping. I had some really good days but then the afternoons I start feeling my body full of anxiety and panic and depersonalization/derealization. I'm wondering if the medication wears off or just not enough. I mentioned before that my phycologist told me that the dose was low and is probably not even helping me and that I'm improving on my own. But I want this scary feelings to go away and I don't know much about this medication since it's ancient. Also I don't know why but I catch myself unintentionally holding my breath which I find so weird! I don't know if this makes my condition worse. Anyways, happy Sunday to all. I am on edge today but trying my best to stay calm.


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  • I actually stopped taking it as it didn't work for me

    Diazepam on the other hand did

    But now I think I need more than this as my head fog is crazy

    I just want to feel clear agdin

  • When this nightmare first started Zoloft took away my head fog and weird thoughts about life. That's all it did so I came off it. Gave me weird side effects so the doctor switched to amitriptyline.

  • Hey there.

    I don't have any experience with those pills but I do also hold my breath. I realized I started doing it when I'm having really bad anxiety. I just try to take deep breaths when I see that I'm doing that. And I think to myself that everything will be OK.

  • That must be it then. This anxiety devil because that's when I notice it. When I'm on edge...

  • I take it you're in the us? Don't think Zoloft is available in the uk

    I could be wrong

  • Yes. I am in the Us

  • I do the holding breath thing too. That's weird.

  • Cat, I took Amitriptyline for quite a few years, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to kick in for anxiety/depression, the normal effective dose is three or four 25mg tablets a day with a maintenance dose of two 25mg tablets a day so this is talking 50mg to 100mg a day so that's why I say your 10mg a day tablet will help you sleep if taken before you turn in but is contributing a minimal amount as an anti-anxiety med. It is used in low doses of 10 or 20mg a day for nerve pain.

    I can't see how it can make your condition worse. You've noticed improvement recently I know but maybe you were too optimistic that the old feelings had gone full stop, rather I would think you would be looking for ever increasing improvement on a day by day or week by week basis. So don't be disappointed that the panic and dereailisation haven't gone completely, be prepared for little set backs so long as the general progression is one of improvement. One day I'm sure you will be free of this for good. I won't give you the Acceptance talk because you've heard it from me before...... Just give it time and concentrate on the good days/hours you're having rather than the not so good parts of the day.

    If you feel you need an effective anti-anxiety med the amitriptyline is a good choice in my opinion but taken at the effective dosage level of three to four 25mg tablets a day and don't stop it suddenly.

  • Well, CatP36, you must feel like you "crashed" a bit after having almost "over the top" days of relief and enjoyment. Your last post before this one didn't mention any return of the anxiety. I was happy for you but also had wondered about the sudden relief from anxiety when it happened a few days ago.

    I am doing well for weeks now, but haven't been celebrating yet as I have been disappointed before when the anxiety greatly reduced, because it could just be for a period of time before the anxiety comes back. And I pace myself carefully when I feel this good. I have learned for me, that doing as much as I like to and maybe could do when I am doing well, actually is wearing me out and setting myself up for abit of a "relapse".

    In my desk drawer, I still keep a "diary" page for each day noting the time I take my meds, what and time I eat and what I did and time during the day, and how I was feeling periodically throughout the day, and again, the time.

    That journal has helped me to help my neuropsychiatrist have a clear track of how I'm doing and "why". We have adjusted, changed, modified medications for years, as well as my behavior and daily routines.

    At the moment I am the best I have been in years, but it has included practicing how I wanted my nightmares to change, working hard on letting go of all the "I should be able to do things", and the "I should be doing things like I used to."

    You have just had a setback, not a failure in the matter of living with your anxiety. You and I have communicated for awhile and shared the bad days with the good days. Trust me it takes time, patience (as much as you can muster at the time) and changes in meds, your thoughts, your reaction to the setbacks. And hopefully, your therapist is showing you some behavioral adjustments in how you live your life to live with anxiety.

    My meds couldn't do it all. I kept setting and following a basic daily routine and goals, no matter how much I wanted to just wanted to stay in bed or pace around the house and not even going outside. Many days I couldn't keep the routine or meet the goals. But it was important that each day I tried this, adjusted it and finally found I was succeeding.

    I'm your greatest cheerleader. Hug that hunk of a husband and have your little boy sing more for you. You are going to get through this. :) And I;m not going anywhere.

  • Thank you! You know I truly appreciate your words. You always give me so much hope. I need to train my brain to be more positive. Sometimes I have such a negative personality. I should be happy of all those good days but it's hard because when I have a setback I am terrified. Sucks to be terrified for no reason and then I open a whole can of worms. I wish there was a way for me to stop obsession over this condition and feelings. I'm so angry that I have to go back to posting negative things. I wanted to keep being happy and improving. I hope tomrorow I have a better day since Monday's are my busy days. Have a good night!

  • Hi

    Just reading your story Catp36, I truly understand how you feel. I have come a long way with progress but also forget to remember that in my recovery so to speak, I write down exactly what I have achieved now that I hadn't before and remind myself how hard I have worked on this illness. Be strong if you can and don't think you have undone everything, just a little of the anxiety has reared it's ugly head again, be proud of yourself as I am of myself x

  • Good idea. I should write down. Because when I have these bad days I tend to forget that I was a MESS 2 months ago. Like a real hot mess.

  • Yeah exactly, we can easily forget what we have done to get well so we CAN do it, it's continuity of applying the strategies of self help, I practice the techniques I learnt and make sense of my thoughts, nit always reality. I have red a lot of different books but I struggle to retain some of it, I go back to it and it makes sense 2nd time around for me.

  • Hey girlfriend, it's great just to be angry about something sometimes instead of just feeling worried or sad, isn't it?

    I know it's hard not to be anxious about becoming anxious again, but I loved hearing you actually channeled some of it into an "oh, sh++!" moment!:). Sometimes I feel like that....and I do have in the back of my mind a vigilance about watching to see if the high anxiety is sneaking back.

    You're going to be ok today, maybe not as great as a few days ago, but you'll make it. Keep in touch.

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