Hey guys!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a good day today. I have been all over the place AGAIN. Eye doctor, Walmart, homedepot for more paint, super market, and now getting ready to make some burgers. What I have noticed while being out is that I am getting damn good at ignoring the weird intense light problem I have with this depersonalization/ derealization. I'm so over it and if I even thinking about it while out I tell myself YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I'm hoping that eventually I thinking about it less and less and poof be gone! We will see. I am loving the fact that I am looking forward to things now. And memories don't seem like a dream anymore. Anxiety and panic is a real B!!! Anywho, I'm here sipping on some Camomile Lavender tea and to the kitchen I go! I am starving...... How is everyone doing today?


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  • Hi Glad all is well. I went online looking for the camomile lavender tea. I didn't realize the tea was sold with lavender in it until you mentioned it which is cool. My day is going Pretty cool with the normal ups and downs but it will get better for all of us as we continue to move forward. Love Your positivity! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Well, HELLOOOOO CATP36! Are you dancing in your kitchen?:)

    I'm doing quite well today. Cleaning the leaves out of the waterfall and pools attached to the front of my house, fell in one of the shallow pools while doing this (I think my dog was actually laughing at me).

    Put a letter in the mail box of the young family down the street. addressed to the three small children to come and help me place the new water lily tubers in the fountain and pools...and that they could bring their parents if they wanted. At five p.m. the entire family appeared at our door.

    The twin girls are three, and one was so excited when she was placing her lilies' tubers in the pool, she was actually shaking.

    It only took about 15 minutes to place all the lilies with their placement markers (which have a small plastic lilies attached for identification). That's just about the extent of their attention span.

    IT WAS JUST SO WONDERFUL TO SEE THEM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY for my small gesture. Their parents told them that each day when they take their walk they will be checking on the progress of their lilies. (Each of the three children had different lily colors and markers.)

    How could I not be happy after that! Our small efforts in spite of anxiety DO make a difference.

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