Saw my phycologist today

Hello all

My phycologist seems to think I am improving VERY well. He says I now have this glow and I'm smiling more and he's very impressed. That sounds good and all but then I come home and afternoon hits and I start feeling on edge. I hate that feeling. I just want it to go away completely! Ugh.. I swear I'm not whining. Anyways, how's everyone doing today? I was all over the place. Walked up my hill, went to homedepot (needed stuff to plan my photoshoot for my lavender lemonade) went to target, Starbucks, picked up the kids, got some frozen yogurt, and now home eating Chinese food. I think it's time for some meditation and aroma therapy.... wusaaaa


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  • Hi Cat, I just want to say I'm PROUD of you!!-- for all the effort you are making and I am sure the Dr IS right...I know what you mean, though. Some of it (to me) is just 'certain times of day'....the worst being before 4 and 6 PM.... and I wake up each morning wondering if and when the Morning Anxiety will hit... today was pretty good. I make the mistake (mistake for ME) of taking Celexa (Citalopram) Only on it for a month at 10 mg and each day got worse and worse...This has been the worst month I have ever had (no exaggeration) They keep saying 'oh just hang in there'...finally I was to the point where I could barely function so thought The H with it...Talked to Dr about it and he agreed to my plan for tapering off. I feel strange but already better than when I took that stuff... I am happy for all the people who take Rx's and are successful...and for those who have gotten off of them.

    You sound like a really great, strong little lady, and I really have this feeling that you are going to do JUST FINE... even though those 'mean times' are dreaded, I know.

    Take good care and bless you up and down and all over the place!~! :)


  • Hi Betty

    Same thing happened to me with Zoloft. Instead of helping the anxiety it was making it worse. I only took it for 6 weeks and the psichriatrist and I decided it was best to come off it. I actually noticed that Zoloft was making my sumptoms of depersonalization/derealization worse and extra anxiety. Right now I am on 10mg of amitriptyline And supplements. Actually the phycologist things that the amitriptyline is so low that it might not be doing anything and that I'm recovering on my own. and Thank You! It's been a rough 2 months and I'm hoping it keeps getting better. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Hello you know good and well, that even without anxiety issues, we can be a bit deflated after the "glow" of a victory wears off a bit. Can't be on a high all the time.:).So, it's ok, that's the way my days go too. But compared to where I was a month or so ago, I am absolutely amazed how I feel now. But know when I have some periods of time where nothing is planned, that old companion (anxiety) can sneak in a bit. I know where you're coming from though, it is just a bit disappointing we can't keep anxiety away ALL the time.

    Enjoy your evening, ok? Happy for you....just compare your posts, etc. from several weeks ago and smile how different you are now.....your spirits will be high again!

  • Hi Cat, I've read your progress reports and things are now going well for you. As for your little setback, we must all expect that during recovery, the tide comes in, the water runs up the beach, the water recedes, but the general direction is forward, that's all that matters. I agree about the amitriptyline, 10mg a day may help you sleep but that's about all, any improvement is all your own work, award yourself a double portion of frozen yogurt. There was a good sl8gan hiding in your last line 'Meditation is better than medication!'

  • Thank You! You are 1,000 percent right. I hope you are doing well. Any weekend plans?

  • I'm retired, Cat, so every day is a weekend and every weekend a Bank Holiday for us.

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