Anxiety 😩

Hello 😊

My parents recently won a holiday but it has to be abroad and you can pick anywhere in the world, i feel really anxious about it and I am too scared to tell them because they have not been on holiday in years and were really excited when they won it.

I am 14 and have anxiety and I haven't slept well in weeks because I have been so worried 😩

Any ideas on hold to deal with this?

Thank you so so so much for any help ❀️


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  • If you could bring yourself to try and explain to your parents just how anxious you feel, then they may be able to give you some reassurance? your parents wouldn't want you to feel this way, let them help you, confide in them, you may be surprised at how much it could help if you talk to them about your feelings xxx

  • Thank you 😊 I tried to explain to them but.... it didn't go very well 😣

  • I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go to well, is there any other family members you could talk too? grandparent? xxx

  • I have tried but they are don't have a very good understanding of anxiety and think I should just 'get on with it' I wish they understood how hard certain things are xx ❀️

  • This holiday that your parents won, are you anxious about going? or are you anxious about them going? xxx

  • Anxious about going, the thought of the airport and going on the plane makes me want really anxious 😭 I am interested in photography and would love to get some pictures in a different country ❀️ if only we could teleport to it πŸ˜‚

  • Checkout youtube, I bet there's videos on there with lot's of useful tips on anxiety and flying etc, I used youtube alot during my recovery, I found lot's of inspirational videos and tips xxx

  • Thank you! That's a great idea, I never thought of YouTube videos! :) xx

  • Let us know how you get on, as I said, I used to type up lot's of anxiety related issues and tips on how to overcome them, it's great to be able to see the person talking to you too, there's lot's of people on youtube who have found recovery from anxiety issues and their stories and advice is often very helpful :-) xxx

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