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Linden Method

Alloo my lovelies. I just want to let peeps know that you if the LM doesnt work for you please dont get upset and beat yourseives up over it.

There is no one size fits all and part of your recovery is finding and learning the skilles that enable to live a better life. Ive tried alsorts and eventually found my formula that has changed my life. It will not be the same for everyone but there are basics that can help too ie cutting down on stimulants and practicing relaxation. Self-love plays a huge part building up your emotional well-being tool-kit.

Have faith and maybe dare to hope that the hero u need isnt necessarily Charles Linden but.....yourself. Much love

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I'm curious to your formula....... I love hearing recovery stories. Gives me hope


Its a mixture and a matter of trial and error. Also dont ve overwhelmed by areas I mention... Small steps are better than no steps. I discovered I had food intolerances so began eliminating those foods from my diet. I started practicing self-hypnosis via the uncommon knowlegde company online. I also dabbled in mindfulness. So every day i spent sometime working on relaxation. I had intense cbt using visualisations to encourage self-love and self-soothing.

These are just some if the things. One important thing i found gave me hope was the realisation that hope comes from within and that it was up to me to realease my case this was little by little.

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Did you suffer from Dp/Dr?


I did experience dp during a period of suicidal thoughts but it wasn’t a main sensation. Over the twenty years of experiencing anxiety and depression it took many forms.


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