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Anxiety attack

At this moment I feel so much discomfort on my rectum area and back neck pain, feels like I'm having a heart attacked, feeling nauseous and want to vomit also frequent urination and constipation with watery stool, but maybe the reason of my watery stool is I changed my diet, I turned vegan about 3-4weeks now.. I overthink all my symptoms and now insomnia attacked again.. am I the only one with this kind of symptoms? I'm going to have utz on Monday and May1 will be my doctors appointmet. Please pray for me that this is all just in my head and its just anxiety.. thank you!

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This was me last year at this time. Exact same symptoms... and yes it was all anxiety brought on by an enormous amount of stress I was putting myself under and the medication I was on stopped working and I didn't really know that that was happening.i thought I had an ulcer or something. Was in the ER twice had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and all was fine. You will get through this just be honest with your DR so he/she can help.


Thank you so much for the answer, it's 4:23am here and still cannot sleep.. yesterday I had a goodnight sleep, I notice that I can only sleep every otherday Just 1day ahead.. it make me sick I lose a lot of weight already, been experiencing this symptoms about a month... anyway thanks again your reply gave me relief.


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