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My life sucks

Hey there, my name is konstantina and i m almost 18. Im too young to have these kind of problems. Firstly all started withbmy final year of school because i have my final exams. That is so important for me and my future...the thing is that like i said im too young to take nervous every day and i struggle with the normal routine is about anxiety and how i cal deal with it.. I can't. My mom doesnt know..she knows only for some of the panic attacks i had. I feel worthless and useless every day..and when i have a panic attack i tell myself that is temporarly and it will pass but the pain will not go awayyy. I cry almost everyday and i have only two pesrsons in my antisocial..i dont know how to calm down...please help


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Hi I have panic attacks and anxiety u have to talk to your mom and tell her how you are feeling doing all your self does not help talking to some one will help and you have to relax I no its hard but you can do it you have to believe in your self as hard as it gets hope you feel better

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I'm so sorry to hear this Konstantina. Please remember this IS only a temporary feeling and it WILL pass. You need to keep your mind busy so you don't think about your anxiety. You should tell your mum how you are feeling, she will support you and it makes you feel 100 times better to talk to people about it. Try exercising and meditation.. This is what I do. You are not alone. Read people's posts on here , it will make you realise you can get through this xx

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