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When people don't take anxiety seriously

I swear nothing bothers me more.

It's been almost 3 months I've had control of my anxiety and panic symptoms and haven't had to resort to this site for advice or help.

Today, right after stating it was going to be a great day, I grab some lotion from my mom unknowingly to myself there was almond oil in it.

I rubbed it all over me after a shower then proceeded to read the bottle which soon after I instantly freaked out. Took a shower and washed it all off then completely dried my body.

I'm not sure if the serverity of my reaction to anything related to almonds but I started avoiding them after I had a little swelling and irritation due to eating one.

I expressed this to my mom and told her I was freaking out and her only response was "you're just freaking out because you want to freak out, you're crazy, you're not allergic to almonds, " just not even understanding where I'm coming from. So I just walked upstairs and set an anxiety alarm for an hour later. Should I be worried? Has anyone had a scare like this before ?

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Just avoid almonds if you think your sensitive to them from now on problem solved. It's not like they are that common really. I mean I had bad reaction to soy once I avoided it for a while. Do you have food allergies or IBS? If you do see your doctor cos you can suddenly get sensitive or allergic to any food I'm not kidding. That may not help you but get it ruled out if it's bothering you. As for the anxiety talk to your doctor about that too can't hurt. Usually something is causing it. But I don't know if your under stress or anything right now?

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Nah not under stress but just small things set me off to freak out because I have health anxiety so if I think something is going to go wrong with my body I instantly panic

I need to take an allergy test to make sure I know what to avoid


Yes good idea to get allergies checked out & it might set your mind to rest about that at least. Do you exercise or work out? Sometimes that can help taking care of your body alleviate health anxiety maybe even just a walk in nice place can help a lot. I find if I don't get exercise it's worse.


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