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hey!! haven't made a post on this in a while. hope everyone is doing well and conquering their struggles step by step

my anxiety has been much better lately, although i do have anxious moments, they would only last between 30-1 hour , once or twice a week!

i can go out without feeling anxious anymore, sometimes i do (when alone) but i manage to pull it through

my obsessive thoughts are still there, however i am able to deal with them in a good manner!!

im moving schools!! i'm so nervous yet excited

im going to go back to the gym since my anxiety is better!

i will be socialising at some parties soon which im excited about +formal (prom)

i still have my lows on my anxiety and i still get anxious but it's something that has improved greatly since these past couple of months :)

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Hey, it's always good to hear good news from members of this venue! :) Let us know what color you choose for your prom dress.

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