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Pregnant & anxiety

Recently found out we are expecting our 2 nd child im almost 9 weeks along, lately have been having the shortness of breathe which counter acting with my already pregnancy sysmptoms this combo completely sucks, i did not have this problem while prego with my first anxiety wasnt diacovered until 3 months ago when i had a first time panic attack.... is any other woman currently going through this or has and any advice!?

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I had shortness of breath off and on throughout my 2nd pregnancy and found that forcing myself to get out and walk or doing yoga really helped - after a week or so of doing that I felt better. Also, try to do some deep breathing excercises where you breathe all the way out each time. The first trimester is usually the worst with the breathing due to hormones, but if you find it continues (as mine did), the above helped me.


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