Doctors office like a second home

Ok I go to the doctors at least 6/7 times a month. Each time I go it's something new that's nothing and I feel silly. So for the past 3 days I've been exhausted. I never get tired. Like never. But past 3 days I've been sleeping fine and nothing's changed, but I'm so tired. One minuite I'm ok the next my eyes feel like they're going to close and I go no energy to do anything. This had led me to worry a lot about it thinking it could be something serious. I know I'm searching for reassurance but it helps. Does anyone get this? Is it anxiety? I just feel so tired. My eyes feel so heavy and I just want to fall asleep but I also don't if you get me? I can't stop worrying about it. I want to go to the doctors but I don't really wanna go in because I'm tired I'll look daft. It's just very out of the ordinary.


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  • Anxiety can be exhausting. It drains us of energy so if you've been feeling anxious recently that's obviously the reason. If you've been seeing your doctor 6/7 times a month and you don't mention any physical health issues you must be the healthiest person for miles around. Maybe count yourself very, very lucky then. I would say: keep getting a good night's sleep and try and tire yourself physically by some sort of outside exercise and you'll be fine.

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