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So New To Anxiety

Hello All! While leaving work one day, out of no where I felt shortness is breath and had my first panic atttack. Ever since then I have something new happening to my body everyday. Is anxiety really causing me head pressure every day? Some days I can't eat or drink much, I feel like it's sitting in my chest. I've been in counseling for 5 weeks now, but strangely, I feel like this symptoms cause me more anxiety than life! I love my job, kids, life in general was going great. I just don't understand. I wanted to find people dealing with this, maybe it will help me deal with it

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Was closing my computer when your post appeared. Other members of this forum are online too.

So, just wanted to say welcome to the place where people know anxiety and panic well, and support one another during difficult times and cheer during our better days.

No matter what may pop into your head, a life with anxiety that is managed is much better than thinking life is not worth the effort to learn how.

Hang in there, write, stay in touch with this forum. If you don't get the responses you hope for, post again. Sometimes we are not at our computers, or because this site is international, we may be at work or asleep or feeding our kids, or walking the dog. But we are here. Be patient, be persistent, but don't give up on life due to anxiety and panic attacks. Ok?

My hopes your night has some peace in it. :)


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