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tightness in the throat i feel like i cant breath propably and like a cough aswell

so i feel like my throat is tight like i cant breath propably and i get this cough and idk its making me nervous about makes me feel like something wrong with my thyriod or something but all these wierd feeling its driving me crazy i know i post everyday but i do it because have no one else to talk because other people say im just going crazy so i keep it between my self and i rather post on here im sorry about but sooner or later i wont ever be annoying writig alot on here when i get better

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Hello Again. Is this something new for addition to your heart concerns? Try not to think about your health and body just for tonight. Try focusing on something else to do for just 15 minutes.

Then take a walk around the house and focus your attention for 15 minutes on something else you can do. Just 15 minutes at a time, and the night will pass and you will have made it to tomorrow. I don't think you're crazy, but maybe focusing on your body a bit too much right now. Ok? Ok.


yeah im really am its just annyoing going through first time experincing anxiety for 4 months i never been through this


That's what this forum is for. Don't feel like you're being annoying.

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