I'm not really sure what to say BUT I'm still gonna pour out. I'm 13 btw. A lot of things about me has changed, and it's not just me noticing it.

1. Sleep. Either I have too much of sleep, or little. But tbh, I do get very less sleep. Approximately 4 hours & 30 minutes of sleep every day. I do wake up at the middle of the night & stare at the ceiling for hours and then go back to sleep. Nope, not insomnia though.

2. Appetite- Gosh..I lost interest in eating. I used to skip lunch before a LOT, and it's very rare of me to actually have my lunch when I do. Skipping lunch most of the time is already bad enough and as if that's not enough, I'm starting to skip dinner too. I can practically go days without eating sometimes. I just lost interest in it. Sometimes, I'm just not hungry, and the other times, I practically starve to death, but still, I won't eat. I just hate eating now. I just can't and won't.

3. I lost a LOT of weight in the past few days. Yes, days. It is recognisable. I became thin, and I've been feeling drowsy/tired/sleepy all the freaking time. There are times in which I can't even stand up straight without collapsing. Yup, everyone says it's because I'm weak in protein etc etc.

4. I lost interest in doing things that once meant the whole world to me. Simple as that. I lost interest in all of my hobbies.

5. I did get a panic attack earlier, like a week or two ago but didn't bother to check for it. There are signs that I'm suffering from depression..and as for anxiety, I honestly do not know.

6. I'm unable to concentrate in things now. I just can't. Simple as that.

7. I also do suffer from severe gastric. Get heart burns A LOT.

What's going on with me though?

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