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New here and Needs clarification

Hello. I'm new here. I've been through a lot of pressure and assumed responsibilities since childhood, and so it did not cross my mind that I would be feeling this. But I think, having a shortened childhood also contributed to this feeling now.

Firstly, is involuntary vomiting a symptom of social anxiety eating disorder? Even if its in selected instances only (like oily food and/or fancy places)? And usually happens when I'm with people who know me, but not yet super close? How can I prevent this?

Another question would be, what does being trapped in my own mind mean? Is it just overthinking? Because I'm not usually worried, or anything consciously of that sort; but I tend to be contented being alone and just deep in thought about anything and everything under the universe.

Lastly, how would you explain me being very moody, eccentric, unpredictable, and outgoing but only onto places wherein I know I would not encounter someone I know? Is it to counter the notion that I'm boring, and that I felt the need to be weird just to be socially accepted? Or is it a defense mechanism for fear of being judged and rejected? Because I, myself, am confused at times.

Thanks a lot in advance for those who will provide guidance.

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