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Drugs in class !! Anxiety/ fear of kids doing drugs around me

so basically what just happened is as it says in the title. I was talking to some ex-freinds now, and while I was adjusting my shoe I turned to my left and say about 2/ 3 metres away from me a white powder on the desk. Plus these kids are druggies and they were treating it as if it was real. WHATTTT. Being an anxiety suffer I dashed out of the classroom without making a scene. The teacher followed me outside. Then a kid said crack cocaine out the door. NOW IM SUPER ANXIOUS. I tell the teacher I need to leave for a doctors appointment. Now I'm stressing about thoughts are going around my head. OMG DIF I GET COCAINE IN MY SYSTEM. IS IY GOING TO MAKE MY ANXIETY WORSE. AM I GONNA GO CRAZY. I am super scared. And I still don't know if it was actually cocaine or not. Or if I got any in me. What are your thoughts?? Please help.

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Hi there, please try not to worry too much. My daughter has this anxiety and I used to have it also.

I have leaned that our minds are very powerful and can create symptoms of the very this we are worried about. Change your clothes, have a shower and have confidence that you are ok and your body can deal with this. If you did manager to get some on you, you're not ingesting it or snorting it so I doubt that it would have any affect at all.

Stay calm. You are fine. I know it's easier said than done but do try.


Thank you. I have recently found out that it wasn't any illicit substance, but my anxiety must be so hyper that Im scared of anything that could result it worsening my anxiety further lowering my quality of life.


I understand completely. :)


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